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  • Boyd Flotation Flowing Back into the Main Stream

    Back in the day, waterbeds were nothing more than big bags of water enclosed by a wooden box. The technology behind these truculent monsters was limited, but yet they enjoyed a fairly wide appeal. Intuitively customers realized the virtues of sleeping on water. Unfortunately, the early waterbed was hard to move, hard to make, and impossible to camouflage. Many of these early models were eventually abandoned for more mobile and traditional bedding options that could be made up to match variations in interior design.

    Boyd Flotation’s online presence has benefited from a mass decline in retail waterbed availability. The online medium has helped the manufacturer to maintain its lead in the segment, and they are poised to benefit moving forward from the declining brick and mortar presence decline. The declining retail base has made the Internet medium crucial for growth opportunities in the segment.

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  • How to Save Your Marriage

    Marriage is tough. Over 50% of all marriages end in divorce. And those marriages that don't end in divorce, aren't always happy.

    Nearly 1 in 4 couples sleep in separate rooms because of sleep disturbances caused by the other partner. Evidence shows that couples suffer 50% more sleep disturbances when they sleep together. In fact, it is estimated that 60% of homes will have dual master bedrooms by 2015 because of this trend.

    Sleeping apart can have many benefits since couples often have different tastes. One person may like the bed warm, whereas the other person may want to sleep cool. One couple may snore and the other one may toss and turn at night. It makes sense to be able to sleep in a way more suited to your taste.

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  • Waterbed Tubes: When Do I Need Them?

    The Internet was once famously described as a "series of tubes." but that phrase is more suited to describe the inside of a shallow fill softside waterbed. A softside waterbed like the Lilac Softside Waterbed Mattress is a far cry from the old style free flow waterbeds, to the point where sometimes the water is barely recognizable. This is because softside waterbeds use sophisticated tubes and bladders that can include fiber and foam to stop water motion. This added material also adds to the contouring affect of the bed, creating a unique sleeping surface.

    These tubes and bladders also help to circulate the water and that can help to increase blood flow throughout the body. This helps the body to relax properly  and can prevent back pain.

    Waterbed tubes are normally found in shallow fill softside waterbeds like the Juniper Softside Waterbed Mattress

    because they give the bed a plushier feel. However, the tubes allow you to adjust the firmness level of the bed and they include fill level marks to easily gauge the desired level of water.

    The best part about the waterbed tubes, however, is that you can have different one's on each side of the bed. Meaning that one spouse can have a softer or firmer side of the bed than the other spouse. Just fill the water level to the appropriate fill mark on each side.

    There are two types of waterbed tubes. Free Flow Waterbed Tubes and Foam Filled Softside Waterbed Tubes. The Foam Filled Softside Waterbed Tubes add even more motion reduction from side to side and from head to toe. The combination of the foam and the water create another contouring affect to add more support during the night.

  • How Do I Find a Softside Waterbed?

    The stereotypical waterbed is thought of as a big, hulking, wavy piece of equipment with tons of accessories and maintenance. While this may describe the waterbeds of old, the new incarnations are indistinguishable from traditional mattresses.

    Indistinguishable in terms of looks but not in comfort and that is why the softside waterbed exists. Softside waterbeds offer the same therapeutic values of a waterbed, it releases all pressure from the joints and the vertebrae allowing the spine to relax fully offering the best possible sleeping surface for orthopedic problems.

    Softside waterbeds are the same shape and size as a traditional mattress so no specialized sheets or comforters are needed. Most of the time, softside waterbeds can fit in the same foundation or frame as a typical mattress so there isn't any extra equipment involved.

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