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Waterbed Myths Put To Rest

Mrs. Gordon's class is here to prove a point. The whole class exerts the same amount of pressure as a water bed. Just 38 lbs a square foot! It's elementary!

A Waterbed Can Break Through a Floor

We are not aware of any instance where a waterbed has broken through a floor. The weight of a waterbed is evenly spread, as you can see in our 'elementary' video to the left. A full waterbed weighs less per square foot than a full bookcase, a refrigerator or Mrs. Gordon's second grade class!

A Waterbed Will Make Me Seasick

We have never heard of anyone suffering from this problem. A waterbed only moves when you move, and any movement is instantly dampened by the fiber stabilization system.

You Need Special Waterbed Insurance

Typically, most insurance policies cover waterbeds in the same category as electrical equipment that uses water, like a washing machine or dishwasher.

Waterbeds Are Not for Pet Owners

This is not true. The cover surrounding each waterbed protects against claws and teeth. You may want to consider purchasing a hardside waterbed mattress cover such as what is offered here, for added peace of mind. There is the chance that your pets will want to lie on your waterbed mattress as much as you, but who can blame them?

I Will Need to Change the Water

The only time the water in your waterbed mattress needs to be changed is if you move. A waterbed conditioner, such as the Blue Magic All Purpose Waterbed Conditioner, is added once per year to prevent the growth of bacteria and to protect the vinyl mattress and foam.

A Waterbed Will Burst if Punctured

A waterbed mattress will not spray or burst if punctured since there is no internal pressure that would force the water out at such a rate as to cause bursting or spraying. If the puncture is on the top of the mattress, you do not even have to drain the bed to apply a strong vinyl patch that will make your waterbed as good as new.

Waterbeds Make a Sloshing Sound

Waterbeds only make noise if there is air trapped inside. To remedy this issue, try using this Blue Magic Air Extractor.

Only Eccentrics Own Waterbeds

In the early years waterbeds were seen as a fad. But over the past 20 years, the benefits of sleeping on water have been brought to the attention of the general public. Waterbeds support the most healthful sleep possible, thus benefiting everyone.

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