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Lilac 11" Mid Fill Softside Waterbed

Quick Overview

Luxurious natural wool quilt fill and a natural Lyocell cotton cover gives this plus 11" mid fill softside waterbed lasting comfort. 2" of contouring memory foam enhances the luxurious comfort and support.

Available in: Double, Queen, King
from $1012.00


After choosing your mattress size, customize with your choice of waterbed bladder. Bladder price is only valid when sold as part of a complete mid fill mattress. Cannot by purchased separately.

  • Venus Free Flow - $74.00
    Venus Free Flow
  • Venus 2 - $95.00
    Venus 2
  • Venus 3 - $135.00
    Venus 3
  • Dual Venus 3 - $185.00
    Dual Venus 3

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Chase away the stress of the day with the Lilac mid fill softside waterbed mattress, featuring an indulgent combination of open cell contouring memory foam atop a patented 6" mid fill waterbed bladder of your choice. This softside waterbed mattress looks and feels like a standard luxury mattress but uses water as the source of contouring support. The 6" bladder is zipped inside a mattress cover and held in place by a perimeter of support foam. Many people prefer this type of waterbed over the traditional hardside waterbed since you do not have to change the decor of your bedroom in order to match your furniture to a hardside waterbed frame. Your new softside waterbed mattress will fit your existing bedroom furniture. If you and your partner have differing comfort and support preferences we recommend the dual waterbed bladder. You can control the fill level of each side of the mattress independently, allowing you and your partner to choose your own preferred comfort level, from plush to firm, by filling with more or less water.

  • 11" softside waterbed mattress
  • Natural lyocell cotton quilted cover with luxurious natural wool quilt fill
  • Removable, drycleanable quilted cover
  • 2" tri-zone contouring memory foam comfort
  • Patented polyester fiber filled bladders
  • Matching blue vinyl moisture barrier
  • High density foam perimeter support
  • Your choice of 6" mid fill waterbed bladder
  • Uses same standard sheets as an innerspring mattress
  • 5 year full, 15 year prorated warranty
  • Pair your new softside waterbed with an optional universal foundation or heavy duty platform bed frame

Customer Reviews

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Uncomfortable Review by Luscious
If anyone has had the cashmere and switched to this lilac that has replaced it. You would understand. This topper on this has NO plush / pillow top to it at all. It’s like a blanket laying on top of yout bladders only. It’s not worth the price and it not comfortable at all. My cashmere mattress was the best like sleeping on a cloud. My husband and I both have back problems and I fight RA & fybromyalghia. This is very hard on the bones. I’m so very diappointed. They don’t along refunds and I feel this is way to much money for just a box with a blanket on top. Should never compare it to the cashmere. You really messed up getting rid of it. It was definitely your best I had it for 25 yrs. stay clean and just start breaking with the foam. (Posted on 8/14/2018)
Wonderful product great nights sleep Review by Shari
This is not my first waterbed. It was a little scary wondering if I’d be happy ordering something I could not see or sit or lie down on before purchasing, but I’m very happy with the quality of this mattress from the cover to the foam pad and the firm foam sidewalks on the interior mattress. Excellent nights sleep definitely recommend. I’ve used Boyd’s replacement bladders before on my first waterbed. All quality products. Thanks (Posted on 6/14/2018)
Very Nice Bed.. Super comfortable. Review by Holly
I am very pleased with the bed. It is very comfy. It was easy to set up and everything it advertised. My only improvement would be the outer fabric seems like it being plain white cotton, it will not last as long as our previous silky polyester blend material that I am used to seeing on most luxury mattresses. Otherwise, it is great. I would still highly recommend it. (Posted on 2/27/2018)
Twin 11" Midfill Review by Jeffrey3000
Not bad at all! Not too hard to set up, now I'm sleeping like a baby! (Posted on 1/22/2018)
Nice water bed, comfortable Review by Len
We have been sleeping on it for about a month now, mid fill lilac queen venus 3 it is ok when we move around not bad at all. We had a water bed years ago hard side king and liked it but not as comfortable as this one. The foam makes the difference I believe. Were going to get air bed, tried one years ago and sent it back, not comfortable like the water bed. We both sleep better on the water bed and it feels like a water bed too. The price was not bad for the quietly of the bed. (Posted on 9/16/2017)
Perfect for my wife Review by Jeff
This bed is exactly what my wife needed. Great quality and was delivered promptly. (Posted on 8/16/2017)
Really nice waterbed, Very comfortable. Better than our old one, but poor customer service. Review by Lilac
I ordered a replacement bladder over the phone but then when we were removing the leaking mattress we discovered some black stains underneath that appeared to be mold So I immediately called them back to change my order. When I finally got through after several attempts I explained the situation and the customer service representative asked me if I really wanted to cancel my order as he explained that it might take several days to credit my account but it did not show shipped on the website but I didn't care as I was going to save over $100 by purchasing a package. I explained this to him but I don't think he understood but he reluctantly agreed to refund my order as it didn't even make to were you your order but they already charged my account. I then attempted to order a replacement but then it appeared that he hung up on me! I called back and every time it rang several times and then I was disconnected. I then went to the website and placed my order. They said it would take 7 days but It took 4 days longer then they promised. It was originally scheduled for Friday but FedEx changed to Saturday so we hung around and waited for delivery but it never came so I checked the tracking number and then it showed that it was going to be delivered on Tuesday. So I called the business line on Monday and all they could say was it appears that it will be delivered on Tuesday and they were sorry for the delay. All of this time we were originally sleeping on the couch and then switched to an air mattress! So I am taking away 3stars for poor customer service. (Posted on 7/25/2017)
Comfortable and easy to set up Review by Elizabeth
This bed is very comfortable and I am very happy with this purchase! My family had the wood frame mattresses before and had gone to regular mattresses for a few years. I am so glad to have a waterbed again, but this is the best of both worlds. The memory foam adds a softness that is wonderful and it is so nice that you can use regular sheets, unlike the older versions. We had two of these set up in less than 2 hours. Very satisfied with the purchase! (Posted on 5/31/2017)
LOVE LOVE LOVE my softside waterbed Review by FLbroker
I was having terrible back pain that had gotten so bad I was sleeping on the floor instead of the 3rd new expensive mattress I had bought in 2 years time. I bought one of these with a waveless mattress - the first night I slept on it I woke up with no back pain. I'll NEVER have another traditional mattress. I like that I can add or take out water and get the perfect firmness. I bought the dual bladders because my husband had several disc fused and his perfect firmness level differs from mine; the dual bladders solved that problem. Thank you for helping me sleep again!!! (Posted on 8/18/2016)
Much Better Sleep! Review by Miranda F
I came looking to replace our old mattress -- 15 years old -- and I saw these with the memory foam in them. It took a week or two to adjust but were both sleeping like babies now! (Posted on 3/23/2016)

Items 1 to 10 of 18 total

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