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Waterbed Terms You Need to Know-Defined

Air Extractor-A special vacuum mechanism that removes noisy air in a waterbed mattress.

Bladder-The liner inside of a softside waterbed that holds the water. Can be in the form of tubes that sometimes include foam. Also can include polyester and lumbar fiber support.

Bubble Stop-Prevents bubbles and gasses from forming inside of the waterbed.

Conditioner- A one step, time released formula that conditions the water and fiber to prevent bacteria and mold from growing. Also comes in tablet form for tube style bladders.

Deep Fill-A softside waterbed option that uses 8" of water as its source of contouring support and creating a plush feel.

Fill and Drain Kit-A faucet adapter and pump used to fill and drain the waterbed with ease.

Free Flow-A waterbed with no wave absorption. Allows for full motion.

Hardside Covers-A mattress cover for hardside waterbeds to protect the vinyl.

Hardside Waterbed-The original type of waterbed that consist of a large, vinyl bladder filled with water. It may include wave reduction fiber depending on how much motion is desired.

Heater-Regulated the temperature of the waterbed.

Hydraulic-A hardside waterbed with a 42 chamber reduction system that includes fiber layers for additional comfort and a full 95% motion absorption.

Liner-A protective vinyl layer that fits below a waterbed mattress meant to guard from accidental leaks.

Mid Fill-A softside waterbed mattress that uses 6" of water as its source of contouring support for a balanced feel.

Pull Cap and Seal-A seal to ensure the waterbed is securely air-tight and water-tight.

Semi Waveless-A hardside waterbed with fiber that reduces motion by approximately 60%.

Shallow Fill-A softside waterbed mattress that uses 4" of water as its source of contouring support creating a firmer feel.

Sheet Straps-A securing device for sheets that allows them to be used on hardside mattresses.

Softside Waterbed-The modern waterbed. It looks like a regular mattress, can fit in any mattress frame and does not require special sheets but still has all the benefits of a waterbed.

Super Shock- A formula that eliminates water related odors.

Ultra Waveless-A hardside waterbed that includes several fiber layers to reduce motion by approximately 99%.

Vinyl Conditioner- A mild, non abrasive vinyl cleaner that also prevents the vinyl from becoming brittle and cracking.

Vinyl Repair-A super-holding, fast-drying adhesive designed to make repairs on vinyl.

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