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How Do I Repair My Waterbed?

The waterbed is a great product. In terms of therapeutic value, they can not be beat. The support surface of the water can make even the roughest of bodies feel relaxed but waterbed is made of vinyl which can spring leaks from time to time.

Over the years a lot of myths have been said about waterbeds, but the idea that the waterbed will burst or spray if punctured in one of the more enduring. This is completely untrue. There is no internal pressure in the waterbed that would force the water out at such a rate.

Vinlyl Repair Kit The Blue Magic Vinyl Conditioner prevents cracks and leaks in the waterbed's vinyl.

All you need to repair your waterbed is a strong vinyl patch like the Blue Magic Vinyl Repair Kit. A fast drying adhesive designed specially for waterbed mattresses. The easy to apply vinyl patching material is formulated to work underwater to ensure drying is quick and painless. If the puncture is on the top of the mattress, you don't even have to drain the bed to patch it up.

Repairing your waterbed is easy but you can guarantee no mess by taking good care of waterbed to prevent having to repair it in the future. The Blue Magic Vinyl Conditioner conditions the vinyl of the waterbed to prevent oxidation and drying which often results in brittleness and cracking, allowing your waterbed to leak. Used regularly, the conditioner cleans and protects your vinyl.

Waterbed Pull Cap and Seal A Blue Magic Pull Cap and Seal will prevent any water leakage from the bed.

Also, make sure you have a Blue Magic Pull Cap and Seal to keep the bed from leaking. Repairing your bed can be as simple as making sure your waterbed mattress has appropriate water-tight security.

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