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How Do I Care for My Waterbed?

One of the reasons waterbeds fell so far from the fashionable furniture throne was their appearance as pieces of equipment with a ton of maintenance required. While it is true that the waterbeds of old were large and heavy the modern waterbed doesn't look that different from a traditional mattress. These new redesigns have made it much easier to maintain the waterbed without any hassle but with all of the wonderful benefits.

In the past, waterbeds needed to have their water changed every so often which was a big undertaking. These days, after the initial set up, the water no longer needs to be changed. The water in the waterbed just needs to be conditioned with Blue Magic Waterbed Conditioner once a year to prevent mold and unpleasant odors. It also removes gases from water, protects vinyl, fiber and foam. The waterbed conditioner is offered in liquid and in tablet form.

During the initial assembly of the bed, you are going to need a Blue Magic  Fill Kit to best insure a spill free set up. You will also need a Blue Magic  Draining Kit as well in case the bed ever needs to be moved. However, it is also important to have a fill and drain kit throughout the life of the bed because it allows you to control the comfort level of the mattress. By filling up and draining water, you can customize the bed to be plush or firm and ensure you get the best therapeutic sleep surface.

The conditioner is the only timed maintenance needed for waterbeds, but problems may still occur. In the event of a leak, a Blue Magic Vinyl Repair Kit patches up the mattresses quickly to make the mattress good as new. To prevent a leak in the vinyl, however, a Blue Magic Vinyl Conditioner should be used regularly to clean, protect and preserve the sleep surface. The vinyl conditioner prevents oxidation and drying that causes brittleness and cracking.

Now the conditioner should do a good job of preventing any unwanted odors gasses from but just in case they do form, the Blue Magic Super Shock will eliminate any bad smells and the Blue Magic Bubble Stop will stop bubbles caused by gasses forming in the mattress. If air gets trapped in the waterbed, which can be noisy and uncomfortable the Blue Magic Waterbed Air Extractor should do the trick and the Blue Magic Waterbed Pull Cap and Seal will prevent any air from entering the waterbed.

Now this may sound like a lot, but all of these products can be found in the Blue Magic Super Pack or the Blue Magic Deluxe Pack, depending on your needs, which is not only convenient but also saves you money on the long term care of the bed.

One thought on “How Do I Care for My Waterbed?”

  • fuad ali

    hi we bought the blue majic california king matress full flow from you ,the cap was defected it would not close properly we had to use our old matresss cap for the time being also there is alot of bubbles and noise that we cant clear from the matress because we cant see the bubbles like our old matress please help us with this mater and if you can send us a replacement for the cap since we bought it from you.our phone number is 941-371-1762 .thank you.

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