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Can I Control the Temperature on My Waterbed?

It is well established that waterbeds are excellent for those who suffer from medical problems such as spinal and neck pain. Waterbeds are often used for the elderly or those who are bedridden due to accident because it promotes the healing process by relaxing the muscles while at the same time increasing circulation throughout the body.

One of the key medical benefits is the ability to regulate the temperature using a waterbed heater. The heat from the mattress can help soothe the muscles which can make a huge different for athletes or those who suffer from chiropractic problems.

The waterbed heater is not only important for those who suffer from back and neck pain, however. Regulating sleep temperature is one of the most common complaints among mattress buyers. For those who suffer from chills at night would greatly benefit from a waterbed heater because they would have soothing hot water right underneath them at all time.

Waterbed Heater The Blue Magic Softside Low Watt Waterbed Heater allows you to control the temperature of waterbeds that have fiber layers.

For those who get hot at night, waterbeds are excellent at keeping the body cool. Whereas fabric and foam hold in heat, water is a natural conductor of heat, keeping the mattress cool. A waterbed heater would allow you to choose the best temperature to get you to sleep.

The best part of getting a waterbed heater, however, is getting 2. For couples who get a dual bladder, the waterbed heaters allow each partner to choose their own temperature. This is important because males usually want a cooler sleeping surface whereas females usually want something a little warmer.

For those with a hardside waterbed the Blue Magic Hardside High Watt Waterbed Heater pad has 64 gauge thermal fused Duraflex vinyl and an ultra sensitive senor wire with a lighted control unit for easy use.

Since softside waterbeds tend to have more fabric layers, the Blue Magic Softside Low Watt Waterbed heater is necessary to regulate the waterbed's temperature. The Blue Magic Softside Low Watt Waterbed Heater includes 32 gauge nickel and copper flexible circuitry and solid state UL approved heater technology.

2 thoughts on “Can I Control the Temperature on My Waterbed?”

  • Dale Cory

    Recently purchased a Pembroke Boyd soft side
    water mattress and saw a warning not to use a mattress pad heater....... Is it acceptable to use a mattress pad heater to take the chill off the bed, and not an overnight all night heat???


    Dale Cory

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