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  • Waterbed Terms You Need to Know-Defined

    Air Extractor-A special vacuum mechanism that removes noisy air in a waterbed mattress.

    Bladder-The liner inside of a softside waterbed that holds the water. Can be in the form of tubes that sometimes include foam. Also can include polyester and lumbar fiber support.

    Bubble Stop-Prevents bubbles and gasses from forming inside of the waterbed.

    Conditioner- A one step, time released formula that conditions the water and fiber to prevent bacteria and mold from growing. Also comes in tablet form for tube style bladders.

    Deep Fill-A softside waterbed option that uses 8" of water as its source of contouring support and creating a plush feel.

    Fill and Drain Kit-A faucet adapter and pump used to fill and drain the waterbed with ease.

    Free Flow-A waterbed with no wave absorption. Allows for full motion.

    Hardside Covers-A mattress cover for hardside waterbeds to protect the vinyl.

    Hardside Waterbed-The original type of waterbed that consist of a large, vinyl bladder filled with water. It may include wave reduction fiber depending on how much motion is desired.

    Heater-Regulated the temperature of the waterbed.

    Hydraulic-A hardside waterbed with a 42 chamber reduction system that includes fiber layers for additional comfort and a full 95% motion absorption.

    Liner-A protective vinyl layer that fits below a waterbed mattress meant to guard from accidental leaks.

    Mid Fill-A softside waterbed mattress that uses 6" of water as its source of contouring support for a balanced feel.

    Pull Cap and Seal-A seal to ensure the waterbed is securely air-tight and water-tight.

    Semi Waveless-A hardside waterbed with fiber that reduces motion by approximately 60%.

    Shallow Fill-A softside waterbed mattress that uses 4" of water as its source of contouring support creating a firmer feel.

    Sheet Straps-A securing device for sheets that allows them to be used on hardside mattresses.

    Softside Waterbed-The modern waterbed. It looks like a regular mattress, can fit in any mattress frame and does not require special sheets but still has all the benefits of a waterbed.

    Super Shock- A formula that eliminates water related odors.

    Ultra Waveless-A hardside waterbed that includes several fiber layers to reduce motion by approximately 99%.

    Vinyl Conditioner- A mild, non abrasive vinyl cleaner that also prevents the vinyl from becoming brittle and cracking.

    Vinyl Repair-A super-holding, fast-drying adhesive designed to make repairs on vinyl.

  • 4 Facts You Never Knew About The History of Waterbeds

    Waterbeds have a long (and often sordid) history. Like the counterculture movement waterbeds would ultimately become the symbol of, Waterbeds from their conception, never had an ordinary standing. So here are 5 facts that you never new about waterbeds.

    1. The First Waterbed was Invented in 1833.

    It was invented by Scottish physician Neil Arnott to prevent bedsores in invalids. It was known as Dr. Arnott's Hydrostatic Bed for Invalids and it was basically some bath water in a rubber canvas and some extra bedding. The waterbeds took off and were placed in hospitals around the world. In 1871, Mark Twain described them in a church home in Elmira, NY in an article for the

    New York Times saying "The water-beds and invalid-chairs at present belonging to the church are always in demand, and never out of service."

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  • The Benefits of Waterbeds...For Cows?

    There are many stories about the horrific treatment of animals all across the country. Animals being put in overcrowded cages with barely any room to breathe, let alone move. However, from Ohio to Oregon and from Minnesota to San Francisco, there is a new 'thing' in dairy production and that is creating luxurious  quarters to live in.

    The trend started in Minnesota, when farmers realized they had to think outside the box if they wanted to remain competitive. Wayne Vettelson, from Minnesota, says ""the cows really like them. They took to them easily. The first time we watched the cows get on em' you seen everything jiggle. They were stepping on that and it was different. They adapted to them very fast." He says his cows have increased their production from 80 pounds of milk per day to 95. "My cows take care of me so I better take care of them," says Vettelson.

    In Ohio, brothers Richard and David Conrad, have been using the waterbeds for 10 months. Richard Conrad claims the waterbeds could pay for themselves in as little as three years because of the amount of extra milk produced. "Without the cows comfortable and content, they're not going to work for us and make us money," David Conrad said. "The people in the dairy business are serious about what we do — we love our cows."

    Bay Area farmer Dale McClellan was named the Southeastern Farmer of the Year for his family owned dairy farm. Cow comfort is a main criteria for the award and McClellan won for his innovative idea to install nearly 700 waterbeds for his cows.

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  • Can I Control the Temperature on My Waterbed?

    It is well established that waterbeds are excellent for those who suffer from medical problems such as spinal and neck pain. Waterbeds are often used for the elderly or those who are bedridden due to accident because it promotes the healing process by relaxing the muscles while at the same time increasing circulation throughout the body.

    One of the key medical benefits is the ability to regulate the temperature using a waterbed heater. The heat from the mattress can help soothe the muscles which can make a huge different for athletes or those who suffer from chiropractic problems.

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  • How Can I Get a Discount on a Waterbed?

    The biggest downside of waterbeds are the fact that they can be expensive. While the therapeutic benefits of a waterbed can negate the costs of massage, chiropractic and possibly even medical bills, some people can not bring themselves to pay the large up front cost.

    So what can a person do to get a discount on a waterbed? Well the biggest thing is to make sure to buy directly from the manufacturer. By cutting out the middle man, the customer can get a quality waterbed for a discounted price.

    The little things matters as well. Make sure the waterbed you buy has free shipping, because those hidden costs can really hit your budget.

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  • What is a Waveless Waterbed?

    The traditional hardside waterbed has a ton of therapeutic values. Pressure and temperature changes allow the bed to be fully customized just to you and the water abolishes the pressure points that cause back, neck and shoulder pain. While these benefits cannot be overstated, the traditional waterbeds have often been criticized for having a ‘wave action’ that can cause tossing and turning at night. That’s why the industry developed specialized hardside waterbeds, so each person could choose how much wave action they wanted from their waterbed. The range is from free flow, which is styled after the classic waterbeds, to hydraulic which chamberizes the water so it can not move around.

    Right in the middle however, is the Waveless Hardside Waterbed. The Waveless Hardside Waterbed is the most popular because it sits right in the middle of the scale, giving a perfect balance of support and comfort.

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  • What are Hardside Waterbeds?

    There is a lot of confusion over softside vs. hardside waterbeds and how they differ from each other. Softside waterbed are the more modern version of the product, with a shape and feel that matched more traditional mattresses. But if you truly want the waterbed experience, the hardside waterbed can not be beat.

    Hardside waterbeds were the original style. The first waterbeds were pretty simple. They weren’t really much more than glorified bags of water. However, hardside waterbeds today have become increasingly specialized to the point where they are unrecognizable to their early counterparts.

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  • How Do I Repair My Waterbed?

    The waterbed is a great product. In terms of therapeutic value, they can not be beat. The support surface of the water can make even the roughest of bodies feel relaxed but waterbed is made of vinyl which can spring leaks from time to time.

    Over the years a lot of myths have been said about waterbeds, but the idea that the waterbed will burst or spray if punctured in one of the more enduring. This is completely untrue. There is no internal pressure in the waterbed that would force the water out at such a rate.

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  • How Do I Care for My Waterbed?

    One of the reasons waterbeds fell so far from the fashionable furniture throne was their appearance as pieces of equipment with a ton of maintenance required. While it is true that the waterbeds of old were large and heavy the modern waterbed doesn't look that different from a traditional mattress. These new redesigns have made it much easier to maintain the waterbed without any hassle but with all of the wonderful benefits.

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  • How Do I Find a Softside Waterbed?

    The stereotypical waterbed is thought of as a big, hulking, wavy piece of equipment with tons of accessories and maintenance. While this may describe the waterbeds of old, the new incarnations are indistinguishable from traditional mattresses.

    Indistinguishable in terms of looks but not in comfort and that is why the softside waterbed exists. Softside waterbeds offer the same therapeutic values of a waterbed, it releases all pressure from the joints and the vertebrae allowing the spine to relax fully offering the best possible sleeping surface for orthopedic problems.

    Softside waterbeds are the same shape and size as a traditional mattress so no specialized sheets or comforters are needed. Most of the time, softside waterbeds can fit in the same foundation or frame as a typical mattress so there isn't any extra equipment involved.

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