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Monthly Archives: December 2012

  • Will a Waterbed Make Me Seasick?

    The Waterbed had an interesting rise to fame, and with any celebrity, there is a ton of misinformation out there. It is hard to separate the truth from fiction, especially with the accessibility of the Internet. However, there is one rumor in particular that has haunted the Waterbed for years: can a waterbed cause seasickness?

    According to Wikipedia, Seasickness is a form of motion sickness characterized by a feeling of nausea and, in extreme cases, vertigo, experienced after spending time on a craft on water. The condition is caused by the rocking motion of the craft because the brain is receiving conflicting signals. Our brain thinks that we are still but our ears sense motion.

    Wouldn't the rocking motion on a Boyd Free Flow Waterbed cause sea sicknesses though? In fact, even on these beds, it is impossible to get seasick.

    This is because the motion subsides when you stop moving meaning there are no conflicting signals to the brain.

    In fact, there are no verifiable stories of anyone suffering from this problem and that's just with a free flow mattress. With a mattress like the Ultra Waveless Boyd Contura Form 6 Waterbed, the motion absorption fiber would immediately prevent the kind of rocking that would simulate motion sickness.

    For those who fear any sort of water swaying sensation, a softside waterbed like the Lilac 11" Softside Waterbed Mattress with Memory Foam has all the benefits of water but with added memory foam and fiber that eliminates any water motion while still eradicating uncomfortable pressure points.

  • Waterbed Terms You Need to Know-Defined

    Air Extractor-A special vacuum mechanism that removes noisy air in a waterbed mattress.

    Bladder-The liner inside of a softside waterbed that holds the water. Can be in the form of tubes that sometimes include foam. Also can include polyester and lumbar fiber support.

    Bubble Stop-Prevents bubbles and gasses from forming inside of the waterbed.

    Conditioner- A one step, time released formula that conditions the water and fiber to prevent bacteria and mold from growing. Also comes in tablet form for tube style bladders.

    Deep Fill-A softside waterbed option that uses 8" of water as its source of contouring support and creating a plush feel.

    Fill and Drain Kit-A faucet adapter and pump used to fill and drain the waterbed with ease.

    Free Flow-A waterbed with no wave absorption. Allows for full motion.

    Hardside Covers-A mattress cover for hardside waterbeds to protect the vinyl.

    Hardside Waterbed-The original type of waterbed that consist of a large, vinyl bladder filled with water. It may include wave reduction fiber depending on how much motion is desired.

    Heater-Regulated the temperature of the waterbed.

    Hydraulic-A hardside waterbed with a 42 chamber reduction system that includes fiber layers for additional comfort and a full 95% motion absorption.

    Liner-A protective vinyl layer that fits below a waterbed mattress meant to guard from accidental leaks.

    Mid Fill-A softside waterbed mattress that uses 6" of water as its source of contouring support for a balanced feel.

    Pull Cap and Seal-A seal to ensure the waterbed is securely air-tight and water-tight.

    Semi Waveless-A hardside waterbed with fiber that reduces motion by approximately 60%.

    Shallow Fill-A softside waterbed mattress that uses 4" of water as its source of contouring support creating a firmer feel.

    Sheet Straps-A securing device for sheets that allows them to be used on hardside mattresses.

    Softside Waterbed-The modern waterbed. It looks like a regular mattress, can fit in any mattress frame and does not require special sheets but still has all the benefits of a waterbed.

    Super Shock- A formula that eliminates water related odors.

    Ultra Waveless-A hardside waterbed that includes several fiber layers to reduce motion by approximately 99%.

    Vinyl Conditioner- A mild, non abrasive vinyl cleaner that also prevents the vinyl from becoming brittle and cracking.

    Vinyl Repair-A super-holding, fast-drying adhesive designed to make repairs on vinyl.

  • 4 Facts You Never Knew About The History of Waterbeds

    Waterbeds have a long (and often sordid) history. Like the counterculture movement waterbeds would ultimately become the symbol of, Waterbeds from their conception, never had an ordinary standing. So here are 5 facts that you never new about waterbeds.

    1. The First Waterbed was Invented in 1833.

    It was invented by Scottish physician Neil Arnott to prevent bedsores in invalids. It was known as Dr. Arnott's Hydrostatic Bed for Invalids and it was basically some bath water in a rubber canvas and some extra bedding. The waterbeds took off and were placed in hospitals around the world. In 1871, Mark Twain described them in a church home in Elmira, NY in an article for the

    New York Times saying "The water-beds and invalid-chairs at present belonging to the church are always in demand, and never out of service."

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