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How to Care For Your Waterbed Mattress

Adding Waterbed Conditioner Is the Best Way to Maintain Your Water Bed
Adding Blue Magic Waterbed Conditioner to your waterbed mattress each year as recommended keeps the water from stagnating. Waterbed Conditioner also keeps the vinyl mattress supple inside.

Waterbeds are not only very comfortable, but very durable as well. A typical waterbed mattress will last 10-15 years or more if properly cared for. Following is a list of things you can do to ensure that your waterbed will remain the trouble free sleep surface you deserve.

Keep Sharp Objects Away From Your Bed

Sharp objects can wreck havoc on the vinyl of your waterbed mattress, potentially causing unwanted punctures and premature wear. Because of this, you should be cautious with metal screws, brackets and the like around your waterbed mattress. If you do discover a puncture in your vinyl water mattress, this Blue Magic Vinyl Repair Kit can be used to repair the damage.

Use a Heavy Duty Mattress Pad

Oil from your skin can compromise and break down the composition of the vinyl water mattress. A Heavy Duty Mattress Pad, placed directly on the mattress and under your sheets, will prevent the vinyl from becoming damaged.

Clean Your Mattress with Vinyl Cleaner

Vinyl Conditioner and Protector by Blue Magic will help condition and maintain the quality of your water mattress for years to come. You should clean and condition your mattress NO LESS THAN 3-4 times per year, but once a month cleaning and conditioning is highly recommended.

Add Water Conditioner Regularly

When you fill your waterbed mattress for the first time, you must add water conditioner to the mattress. Blue Magic Waterbed Conditioner keeps the water from stagnating and potentially smelling bad. Conditioner also keeps the inside of the waterbed mattress supple, as vinyl can become brittle over time. Unless you are moving your water mattress, there is no need to change the water. However, you will need to continue to add waterbed conditioner once every year.

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