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What are Hardside Waterbeds?

There is a lot of confusion over softside vs. hardside waterbeds and how they differ from each other. Softside waterbed are the more modern version of the product, with a shape and feel that matched more traditional mattresses. But if you truly want the waterbed experience, the hardside waterbed can not be beat.

Hardside waterbeds were the original style. The first waterbeds were pretty simple. They weren’t really much more than glorified bags of water. However, hardside waterbeds today have become increasingly specialized to the point where they are unrecognizable to their early counterparts.

Free Flow Hardside waterbed A Boyd Deluxe Free Flow Hardside Waterbed has the support of a modern waterbed with the feel of a classic.

While the original hardside waterbeds were trendy, people often complained that they sunk and moved around too much to actually get a good night’s sleep. There were even rumors of people getting ‘sea sick’ from the waterbeds, although there has not been a documented case of this.

So the industry responded by designing better waterbeds. Instead of just having a bag of water, the new liners began having chambers to control flow of the water. They changed the shape of the vinyl so it was better custom fitted as a bed. They added foam layers to reinforce the bed and most importantly they reduced the ‘wave action’ of the waterbed.

These days you to pick which hardside waterbed is right for you. Choose a ‘free flow’ like the Boyd Free Flow Hardside Waterbed Mattress which resembles the older models you know and love or choose a mattress like the Boyd Dual Sea Cove Hardside Waterbed, a waveless waterbed that contains has two separate water bladders, system, wave reducing fiber and lumbar support. These aren’t the only two options though, there is a whole spectrum of options including free flow, semi waveless, waveless and ultra waveless.


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