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Waterbeds and Back Support

There is an old misconception that hovers around the use of waterbeds that are surrounded around the myth that waterbeds fail to provide adequate back support. While the source of the information is fleeting, many believe that that is rooted from the pioneer days of the industry.  In truth, most modern waterbeds provide as much­­­—if not more—support than traditional bedding choices.

When looked upon and compared to traditional mattresses with coil springs, it’s easy to see how one could accept such myths.  The free-flow version of waterbeds that were popular in the days of yore do allow the lower back to sink to levels beyond those recommended by some medical professionals. However, today’s most popular models provide varying degrees of support that can be honed to the individual’s own comfort and support needs. This is done by layering in material that cuts down on the wave action.

In today’s free-flow models, you can buy anything from free-flow varieties all the way up to almost a waveless experience.  There are also soft-sided mattresses today that look just like traditional mattresses with the added benefit of internal bladders that are filled to desired levels of lower back support.

Many argue that the free-flow variety is hard on the back, and this may be the case for some sleepers. However, there are several that have been sleeping on this style for most of their lives, and they will swear by them. The point here is that if you’re worried about a waterbed lacking support, you now have several options that will provide you adequate support with the comfort of water that most swear by.

Many of those who sleep on waterbeds will tell you that the heat aspect that the water sleep surface provides gives therapeutic benefits that are often untold. When you think about it, sleeping on a waterbed could be compared to sleeping on a giant hot water bottle with many of the same soothing effects. Waterbed purveyors will tell you that this heat soothes aches and pains in a way that is unmatched by other sleep surface choices.

While the waterbed may never get widespread support from doctors and other medical professionals, if you look around those who actually sleep upon them, you will see that a great majority of them actually tout their healing and support properties. This fact should give those in the market for a waterbed comfort in the fact that the myths surround the waterbed and back support often fail to hold water.

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