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How Do I Find a Softside Waterbed?

The stereotypical waterbed is thought of as a big, hulking, wavy piece of equipment with tons of accessories and maintenance. While this may describe the waterbeds of old, the new incarnations are indistinguishable from traditional mattresses.

Indistinguishable in terms of looks but not in comfort and that is why the softside waterbed exists. Softside waterbeds offer the same therapeutic values of a waterbed, it releases all pressure from the joints and the vertebrae allowing the spine to relax fully offering the best possible sleeping surface for orthopedic problems.

Softside waterbeds are the same shape and size as a traditional mattress so no specialized sheets or comforters are needed. Most of the time, softside waterbeds can fit in the same foundation or frame as a typical mattress so there isn't any extra equipment involved.

For those who suffer from night sweats or heat problems at night, softside waterbeds can also be temperature controlled to allow you to set your ideal temperature to ensure a sound sleep.

There are 3 types of softside waterbed depending on you comfort needs, a shallow fill, a mid fill or a deep fill waterbed. The deeper the fill of the waterbed, the more water in the bed which provides more wave action and support from the water.

Softside waterbeds like the Orchid Mid Fill Euro Top Softside Waterbed also include the added bonus of memory foam, increasing the contouring ability of the mattress and relaxing the surrounding muscles.

The best part of choosing a softside waterbed like the Aspen 10" Pillowtop Softside Waterbed is the ability to opt for a dual bladder. This allows each partner to customize each side of their bed to match their individual comfort level from plush to firm.


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