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How Can I Get a Discount on a Waterbed?

The biggest downside of waterbeds are the fact that they can be expensive. While the therapeutic benefits of a waterbed can negate the costs of massage, chiropractic and possibly even medical bills, some people can not bring themselves to pay the large up front cost.

So what can a person do to get a discount on a waterbed? Well the biggest thing is to make sure to buy directly from the manufacturer. By cutting out the middle man, the customer can get a quality waterbed for a discounted price.

The little things matters as well. Make sure the waterbed you buy has free shipping, because those hidden costs can really hit your budget.

Now hardside waterbeds are generally cheaper than softside waterbeds, but hardside waterbeds have a distinct feel to them that not everyone likes, whereas softside waterbeds feel more like a traditional bed. However, it is possible to find discounts on softside waterbeds. Waterbeds like the Iris 9" Plush Top Softside Waterbed or the Lily 9" Softside Waterbed are both direct from the manufacturer and both include free shipping. The Iris is a shallow fill softside waterbed and the Lily is a deep fill waterbed, but both allow the bed to customized through the use of bladders, liners and tubes to find the perfect sleeping surface.

Discount Softside Waterbed A bed like the Iris 9" Softside waterbed can be bought at a discount if purchased directly from the manufacturer.

For those of you who like hardside waterbeds, there are many discounts to be found here but it all depends on how much wave motion you can handle in a bed. A Boyd Flotation Free Flow Hardside Waterbed is a ridiculously low price but contains to motion reducing fibers to make the bed more comfortable.

Finally, the best advice is to pay attention to Facebook and Twitter and be on the look out for discounts or deals.

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