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  • What is the Best Mattress for Back Pain?

    80% of Americans are affected at some time by back pain. Chronic back pain can be painful, costly and debilitating. For back pain that is worsened by certain positions and movements, caused by joint degeneration, fractures, or strains, a mattress can be the perfect cure.

    But what mattress can truly call itself the best mattress for back pain? Even the most expensive traditional innerspring mattress cannot evenly distribute weight and relieve pressure as well as specialty sleep mattresses. In fact, more than 20% of traditional spring mattress owner’s report chronic back pain from their bed.

    For those who are willing to get rid of their back pain once and for all, the benefits of a waterbed cannot be overstated. No mattress conforms to the body better and the contouring effect allows the spine to relax, reduces pressure points and prevents tossing and turning. Softside waterbeds offer additional support from memory foam and other comfort fabrics aiding the already beneficial support of the water.

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  • Waterbed Buying Guide

    Often featured in movies and television, pop culture has created a lot of misconceptions about waterbeds. Extremely popular from the 1970’s to the 1990’s, Waterbeds were on the forefront of promoting specialty sleep. While many waterbeds have disappeared from the mattress stores, waterbeds still have large following among those who swear by its therapeutic properties.

    Whatever Happened to Waterbeds?

    No mattress has ever been able to be as ‘cool’ as the waterbed. The popularity in the 1970’s deemed them the Bed of the Sexual Revolution. By 1986, waterbeds represented 20% of the bed market but then it became a victim of its own success. While waterbeds were associated with being trendy and fun, they weren’t associated with sleep. Older waterbeds also had technological problems; springing leaks, heaviness, excessive maintenance, and compilation.

    However, waterbeds have come a long way since then. Newer beds used air and water pockets to reduce the wave sensation but still allowed the bed to maintain its benefits. Vinyls have become more sophisticated and refined, solving many of the earlier complaints and allowing waterbeds to become more specialized to sleep.

    With the waterbed’s fall from the fashion world and other specialty sleep options entering the market such as memory foam, latex foam and air beds, waterbeds are increasingly hard to find.

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