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BoydWaterbeds.com Announces Finance Options

BoydWaterbeds.com is now pleased to offer consumer financing solutions for their e-commerce platform. The decision to offer financing came from continued inquiries from visitors to the company’s website. As consumers continue to migrate towards more online purchasing, they are demanding the same options that they have available in traditional retail environments.

Boyd Flotation has offered Waterbed products for over 30 years. Their most popular products are their softside waterbed solutions, and the more traditional hardside waterbeds. The company also offers a full line of waterbed accessories for consumer convenience.

Boyd Flotation is prepared to continue meeting consumer demands as technology and shopping habits shift purchasing decisions.

One thought on “BoydWaterbeds.com Announces Finance Options”

  • Pat

    I purchased my softside water bed from Sleep Bedder in San Diego CA. I chose to assemble it myself. I only had one question and Chris Perkins from Boyd, left a great message with my answer. I had a water bed before, then because I wanted to rearrange my furniture, I sold it and got a Sleep Number. What a mistake that was. If you sleep alone or with someone, during the night your body rolls towards the center of the bed where the two air bladders are side by side. I woke up with hips and knees aching. I slept better on my sofa than a pricey Sleep Number. Then I had various regular mattresses. I still had achy hips sockets and was stiff when I work up. I now have a Boyd, softside water bed, medium fill, and for the first time in a couple years now when I wake up I don't have any stiffness because it holds my spine straigt no matter how I sleep and I don't have achy hips sockets and knees. I didn't wake up several times during the night needing to try to find a more comfortable way to sleep. As a great grandmother.... to wake up and not be achy says a whole lot about sleeping on a water bed. Sleep Bedder in San Diego is an excellent place to buy a bed, the customer service is excellent. The product is outstanding and customer service at Boyd was quick and complete.

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