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Boyd expands in Accessories

LAS VEGAS - Boyd Specialty Sleep is expanding its assortment of sleep accessories here with new pillows, a new topper and a redesigned mattress protector.
Denny Boyd, president of Boyd Specialty Sleep, says savvy retailers are emphasizing accessories these days. "I believe better retailers are putting more time and effort into selling accessories," he said, "and they're seeing the results. Our objective is to continue to develop this profitable sleep category."
Boyd said that sleep accessories "can be very meaningful to retailers who recognize their role in growing gross profit dollars and who understand when and how to discuss them in the selling process.
"Accessories like pillows, toppers, protectors and decorative frames greatly enhance the consumer's shopping experience, elevate overall sleep comfort and quality, and offer retail salespeople a golden opportunity: to impress upon customers early on that quality of sleep involves more than just a mattress."

Adding to its current collection of six pillow styles, the company is introducing new Moon and Seasons pillows, each of which carries a five-year warranty and gives retailers different looks, feels and functions.
The semicircular Luna Lux pillow, designed to provide ergonomic comfort to sleepers of all sizes, is made of MicroTec Gel memory foam covered in an off-white "teddy bear" velour fabric that's removable and washable. Expected to retail at $39.99, the pillow has gray piping that outlines its half-moon form.
The new Clima Comfort pillow gives sleepers the choice of a cool surface for warmer months and a warmer surface for cooler months. At $59.99 retail, the two-sided, conventionally shaped Clima-Comfort pillow is made of molded memory foam. The cool sleeping side features a solid gel layer affixed to the foam's surface and a micro-cell stretch knit cover, finely perforated at the edges to enable the pillow to "breathe" as a sleeper shifts positions. The warm sleeping side offers the comfort of the molded memory foam covered with Boyd's soft, teddy velour fabric, the company said.
Also headlining the producer's accessory intros for market are a new Natural Flex two-inch topper, retailing at $299 in queen, that features latex encased in a stretchable "honeycomb-like" knit fabric that's quilted to layers of polyester comfort fibers.  Boyd also is showing a redesign of its Purify Mattress Protector. At $49.99 in queen, the protector is air-permeable, liquid- and stain-proof.

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