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  • Boyd Flotation Flowing Back into the Main Stream

    Back in the day, waterbeds were nothing more than big bags of water enclosed by a wooden box. The technology behind these truculent monsters was limited, but yet they enjoyed a fairly wide appeal. Intuitively customers realized the virtues of sleeping on water. Unfortunately, the early waterbed was hard to move, hard to make, and impossible to camouflage. Many of these early models were eventually abandoned for more mobile and traditional bedding options that could be made up to match variations in interior design.

    Boyd Flotation’s online presence has benefited from a mass decline in retail waterbed availability. The online medium has helped the manufacturer to maintain its lead in the segment, and they are poised to benefit moving forward from the declining brick and mortar presence decline. The declining retail base has made the Internet medium crucial for growth opportunities in the segment.

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  • What are Hardside Waterbeds?

    There is a lot of confusion over softside vs. hardside waterbeds and how they differ from each other. Softside waterbed are the more modern version of the product, with a shape and feel that matched more traditional mattresses. But if you truly want the waterbed experience, the hardside waterbed can not be beat.

    Hardside waterbeds were the original style. The first waterbeds were pretty simple. They weren’t really much more than glorified bags of water. However, hardside waterbeds today have become increasingly specialized to the point where they are unrecognizable to their early counterparts.

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