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Sleep Research

  • For More Productive Workers, Concentrate on Their Bedtime, Not Their Booze

    Employers often look to a potential employee’s social habits as an indication of how productive they are likely to be and how much they can rely upon them. But a recent study done in the United Kingdom has shown that employees who drink, smoke and overeat are not likely to be unproductive as long as they’re had the time to sleep it off. On the other hand, those who have gotten less than seven hours of sleep regardless of whether they’ve indulged or not are much more apt to fall short of expectations. Interestingly, the quantity of alcohol, cigarettes and food consumed had absolutely no impact on work rate. Continue reading

  • The Many Negative Impacts of Sleep Deprivation

    Whether you’re a student, a parent, an employee, a professional athlete, any combination of all-of-the-above or fall into a category that we haven’t included on this list, getting enough sleep is absolutely essential to your ability to survive, let alone thrive. People who get the recommended amount of sleep feel alert in the morning when they wake up, and have no problem falling asleep at night when it’s time to turn in. Their energy levels remain (for the most part) consistent throughout the day, they are able to attack their goals with clear minds and focus, and they have a much lower risk of the many serious health conditions that often go hand-in-hand with chronic sleep deprivation. Continue reading

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