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Monthly Archives: April 2016

  • For More Productive Workers, Concentrate on Their Bedtime, Not Their Booze

    Employers often look to a potential employee’s social habits as an indication of how productive they are likely to be and how much they can rely upon them. But a recent study done in the United Kingdom has shown that employees who drink, smoke and overeat are not likely to be unproductive as long as they’re had the time to sleep it off. On the other hand, those who have gotten less than seven hours of sleep regardless of whether they’ve indulged or not are much more apt to fall short of expectations. Interestingly, the quantity of alcohol, cigarettes and food consumed had absolutely no impact on work rate. Continue reading

  • Traditional Medicine Not Addressing Your Sleep Issue? Try Alternative Medicine

    There are plenty of solutions available for those who are having trouble getting to sleep. Addressing issues of sleep hygiene and taking over-the-counter or prescription sleep aids seem to be the most popular and readily available, but unfortunately, they just don’t work for everybody. Insomnia has become a global issue and is increasingly recognized as having a significant impact on public health and safety, so as a result the medical community is recognizing that it needs to make a wider range of treatment approaches available. Sleep researchers continue to look for effective cures for the numerous sleep disorders that have been identified, and interestingly, a great deal of success has been found through the use of holistic and alternative treatment approaches. If you are a person who has already tried turning off the electronics an hour before bed and taking melatonin but you’re still struggling, then you might want to look into one of the approaches detailed below. Continue reading

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