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Monthly Archives: April 2013

  • Free Water Massages for Tax Week

    If sleeping on a waterbed is not enough for you, HydroMassage will be offering relaxing hydro massages for tax week. While Boyd Waterbeds cannot provide you with a spray jet massage, we can provide you all of the other health benefits of sleeping on a relaxing waterbed.


    CLEARWATER, Fla., April 8, 2013 -- /PRNewswire/ -- Need a little stress relief this tax season? Hundreds of fitness centers, chiropractors, spas, and tanning salons nationwide are teaming up to provide free HydroMassage® sessions during tax week.

    This marks the 5th year HydroMassage® owners have opened their doors to provide free massages during tax season.

    "We never predicted this to take off like it did over the past several years; the response has really been overwhelming," commented Paul Lunter, HydroMassage President. "We're glad to do it because we know how grateful people are for a little stress relief during this time of year."

    HydroMassage® beds provide a solution for those who want the benefits of massage on a monthly, weekly, or daily basis, without having to dedicate the time and money required for traditional hands-on massage therapy.

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  • Waterbeds for Quick Healing

    While many of us already enjoy the intangible health benefits of waterbeds, a recent article about injured jockeys shows that there are others out there that understand the health benefits of waterbeds.

    Article Begins: 

    Injured jockeys can now relax on donated waterbeds as part of their recovery at Oaksey House rehabilitation centre.  The Akva waterbeds, worth £2,000 each, were donated by Essex-based company Lets Go 2 Bed. They are used to “give muscle relief, general relaxation and stimulation”, said managing director Mark Dyson. Oaksey House, in Lambourn, rehabilitates jockeys after illness or injury and is run by the Injured Jockeys Fund (IJF). “We donated the waterbeds in recognition of the brave men and women who risk injury on a daily basis,” added Mr Dyson.

    A vibrating waterbed is being used in a treatment room, while a second bed is in one of the overnight apartments. “I have used the waterbed and always hope it is available when I visit,” said jockey David Crosse, who added that the bed helps to ease aching joints after treatment. John Francome, president of the IJF, said: “I am sure the benefits will be enjoyed by the many jockeys that attend Oaksey House.” As well as treatment, Oaksey House provides short and long-term accommodation to members of the racing community during rehabilitation.


  • We will continue to serve our loyal waterbed customers

    We found an interesting article on the waterbed market. Boyd is happy to pronounce that as more retailers to continue to cutback on waterbeds, we will always serve our waterbed loyalists with a convenient online waterbed shopping experience.

    Article Begins:

    Thinking of purchasing a waterbed?

    Think again.

    Retailers have abandoned the once-popular mode of sleeping. Mozak's Furniture, 2414 Gordon Drive, is one of the few still selling waterbed components -- heaters, safety liners, mattresses and water conditioner.

    Mozak's General Manager Jim Hettinger speculated the demise of the waterbed was the industry's own doing.

    "They didn't adapt to what the consumer wanted," he said.

    In 1968, Charles Hall presented the modern waterbed as his master's thesis project at San Francisco State University.

    The vinyl mattress filled with water and equipped with a temperature device was designed to be a piece of furniture that would eliminate pressure points and use heat to relax muscles.

    For the next 20 or so years, waterbeds were hot items -- with more than one connotation. Hall created the bed in the year of the "summer of love," before presenting it as a requirement for his master's degree. The beds were associated in advertising with the Sexual Revolution. Hugh Hefner allegedly had one covered in Tasmanian possum hair.

    "The growing number of manufacturers and distributors, with such appropriate names as Aquarius Products, the Water Works, Innerspace Environments, Joyapeutic Aqua Beds and the Wet Dream, can hardly meet the demand," Time magazine reported in 1971.

    HOM furniture started as a chain of waterbed stores, and one of the chain's first waterbed stores opened in Sioux City in the late 1970s. Mozak's even started out as Waterbed Emporium in 1985 with a Pierce Street location.

    Everyone wanted one.

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