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Monthly Archives: March 2013

  • Boyd favors platform frames

    ST. LOUIS - Bedding pioneer Denny Boyd believes that decorative and functional bed bases are the "foundations of the future." And he's putting that belief into action, rapidly expanding his platform frame offerings.
    Following the successful introduction and retail placement of as many as 10 UPS-able platform frames in less than a year, Boyd Specialty Sleep will further broaden its line this year.
    The producer of mattresses, sleep accessories and furniture is developing new steel frame designs to round out its collection of bed platforms that retail from $299 to $599 in queen. "Not only is there brisk demand for decorative, shippable bed frames among Internet retailers, but demand is quickly increasing among brick-and-mortar sleep shops and furniture stores," said Boyd, president of Boyd Specialty Sleep. "It's a matter of being able to offer both form and function at affordable price points.

    A platform performs the same function as a standard box spring and frame in that it keeps the bed off the floor. But if that can be accomplished in a way that's simpler, equally or more durable, more visually arresting and easily distributed - for at or near the same cost - then it delivers far more than mere function," he said.

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  • Boyd uses bedding research to chart course for change

    David Perry Executive EditorDenny Boyd studied the numbers in his binder carefully. They provided a roadmap for changes he says his business, Boyd Specialty Sleep, must embrace if it is to remain vital in a dynamic bedding marketplace.

    The numbers in front of him that day, which happened to come from Furniture/Today, showed that 61% of mattress consumers will use the Internet to shop or buy bedding. Only 39% of consumers will shop and buy in a store, the research said.

    The lessons were clear to Boyd: It is critical that bedding producers and retailers must have a strong online presence, and must find ways to drive traffic to their sites. One of the ways he adapts to change is by being a student of research, thoughtfully studying charts and tables and looking for telltale markers that suggest key trends.  Then he develops strategies, sets goals, as with his website launches, and aims to move forward every day.

  • Waterbed Benefits Touted by Industry Veterans

    High Point — While some in the bedding industry look at specialty sleep as a "new" category, it's actually been around for decades.

    Way back in the 1970s, waterbeds entered the national consciousness. That product generated plenty of headlines with its counter-culture roots and appeal, but it gave many consumers a different way to sleep. Waterbed purists touted the benefits of hard-sided waterbeds, whose bag of water gave them a unique way to sleep. Then soft-sided waterbeds (which looked like conventional beds) gained popularity, broadening the appeal of the category.

    Today, waterbeds still occupy a niche in the specialty sleep arena, but they have been largely supplanted in consumer awareness by airbeds and visco-elastic foam beds.

    Several of today's leading specialty sleep producers trace their history back to the formative years of specialty sleep, and they cite that experience as giving them an edge.

    Three well-known companies have at least 30 years of experience in the category. They are Boyd Specialty Sleep, InnoMax and Strobel.

    Denny Boyd, president of Boyd Specialty Sleep, said his company has stood the test of time. Asked what makes Boyd different from other companies, he responded: "About 30 specialty sleep patents, 30 years of experience, a full complement of products in every specialty sleep category, 24-hour ship times, proven technology, and experienced and dedicated sales training."

  • It all began with Waterbeds and Sheets

    ST. LOUIS - Denny Boyd started his mattress journey with a waterbed store. That led him to begin making his own waterbed sheets, domestically first and then overseas. Then he began making waterbeds. And that led to his entry into the bedroom furniture category. And that led to more stores.

    As that summary illustrates, Boyd has a strong entrepreneurial streak, one that makes him a player on both the retail and wholesale sides of the bedding business. He runs The Boyd Group, which consists of four business entities: Boyd Specialty Sleep is the flagship business, one that is well known in its category. Products are manufactured in St. Louis and in Los Angeles, where Boyd has a 320,000- square-foot factory. There waterbeds, airbeds, memory foam mattresses and latex mattresses are produced, as is the Blue Magic line of waterbed accessories, a name that goes back to the glory days of waterbeds. He acquired the Blue Magic line in 2003.

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  • Boyd expands in Accessories

    LAS VEGAS - Boyd Specialty Sleep is expanding its assortment of sleep accessories here with new pillows, a new topper and a redesigned mattress protector.
    Denny Boyd, president of Boyd Specialty Sleep, says savvy retailers are emphasizing accessories these days. "I believe better retailers are putting more time and effort into selling accessories," he said, "and they're seeing the results. Our objective is to continue to develop this profitable sleep category."
    Boyd said that sleep accessories "can be very meaningful to retailers who recognize their role in growing gross profit dollars and who understand when and how to discuss them in the selling process.
    "Accessories like pillows, toppers, protectors and decorative frames greatly enhance the consumer's shopping experience, elevate overall sleep comfort and quality, and offer retail salespeople a golden opportunity: to impress upon customers early on that quality of sleep involves more than just a mattress."

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