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Monthly Archives: October 2012

  • Can I Control the Temperature on My Waterbed?

    It is well established that waterbeds are excellent for those who suffer from medical problems such as spinal and neck pain. Waterbeds are often used for the elderly or those who are bedridden due to accident because it promotes the healing process by relaxing the muscles while at the same time increasing circulation throughout the body.

    One of the key medical benefits is the ability to regulate the temperature using a waterbed heater. The heat from the mattress can help soothe the muscles which can make a huge different for athletes or those who suffer from chiropractic problems.

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  • How Can I Get a Discount on a Waterbed?

    The biggest downside of waterbeds are the fact that they can be expensive. While the therapeutic benefits of a waterbed can negate the costs of massage, chiropractic and possibly even medical bills, some people can not bring themselves to pay the large up front cost.

    So what can a person do to get a discount on a waterbed? Well the biggest thing is to make sure to buy directly from the manufacturer. By cutting out the middle man, the customer can get a quality waterbed for a discounted price.

    The little things matters as well. Make sure the waterbed you buy has free shipping, because those hidden costs can really hit your budget.

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  • What is a Waveless Waterbed?

    The traditional hardside waterbed has a ton of therapeutic values. Pressure and temperature changes allow the bed to be fully customized just to you and the water abolishes the pressure points that cause back, neck and shoulder pain. While these benefits cannot be overstated, the traditional waterbeds have often been criticized for having a ‘wave action’ that can cause tossing and turning at night. That’s why the industry developed specialized hardside waterbeds, so each person could choose how much wave action they wanted from their waterbed. The range is from free flow, which is styled after the classic waterbeds, to hydraulic which chamberizes the water so it can not move around.

    Right in the middle however, is the Waveless Hardside Waterbed. The Waveless Hardside Waterbed is the most popular because it sits right in the middle of the scale, giving a perfect balance of support and comfort.

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