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Do I Need Special Waterbed Sheets?

In the past, the unique shape of the waterbed required special waterbed sheets. These special sheets were tied down to the bed to stop the sheets from moving while you were sleeping and to keep the bedding secure. Waterbed sheet didn't have must variety and tended to be only come in basic colors and fabrics and hardly ever went with any custom bedroom upholstery.

Waterbed Sheets Covers A Mesa III Cover for a Hardside Waterbed will help keep waterbed sheets secure.

A hardside waterbed like the Boyd Dual Sea Cove Waveless Waterbed needs fitted sheets. Because waterbed sheets can be expensive and hard to assemble on to the bed, it is reccommended that you use Blue Magic Waterbed Sheet Straps. The sheet straps allow any sheets to be attached to your hardside waterbed so you can decorate your bed and room without any hassle. For a hardside waterbed, a Boyd Flotation Mesa III Hardside Waterbed Mattress Coveralso assists in keeping waterbed sheets in place. The mattress cover provides pillow top comfort, a hygienic surface, insulation properties to keep the mattress at the right temperature and a barrier between the mattress and the decking.

Waterbed Sheets A softside waterbed like the Violet 11" Mid Fill Softside Waterbed is the same shape as a traditional mattress allowing you to use any sheets you like.

A softside waterbed like the Violet 11" Mid Fill Softside Waterbed retains the shape of an original traditional mattress allowing them to fit in most bed frames and use any sheets you like without any fitting straps. Traditional waterbeds can be large, so for those who are concerned about the look of their bed a softside mattress is the best bet.

Today's modern waterbed mattresses allow you to keep your own sheets with a softside waterbed or by using the sheet straps with a hardside waterbed.

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